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This is the basic equipment you need for Gun Sau

2 good quality, safe "handguns". We have had good results with Super Soaker pump-action water pistols and lasertag gun sets but any similar items should work.

2 sk8board or blading wrist guards. If you are rigth handed you need a right-handed guard and vice-versa for left handers

1 plastic ruler


Remove the curved bar from the palm side of the wrist brace so you can easily hold the handle of the gun

Saw the plastic ruler in half and slide half the ruler into the slot in the back side of the wrist brace on top of the plastic bar that is already there.

Now you should easily be able to close your hand around the gun handle but should not be able to flex your wrist backwards. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! If you can flex your wrist too much then it is too easy to shoot the other player. By keeping the gun in alignment with your forearm it is much more of a challenge and you will develop better technique.


Now carefully saw or (depending on how the gun is made) just unscrew and remove the trigger guards from the guns. This is so when you are doing disarms etc. you don't get your finger jammed in the guard which HURTS LIKE HELL! You have been warned!

If you are using a squirt gun with a very long barrel you may want to cut it down. Make sure you cut neat and can re-attach the nozzle at the end or you've just wasted a gun.

Use sandpaper to smooth off any sharp edges on the gun.

Now you are ready for action!

The GUN SAU wrist brace
The reinforced wrist brace allows you to hold the gun securely but does not let you flex your wrist backwards, making the game more challenging.
Super Soaker pistol for public training (before removal of trigger guard)
Super Soakers and similar squirt guns are perfect for basic Gun Sau training.
Sega Lock-On lazer pistol
The Sega Lock-On pistol emits a harmless infra-red beam the scores points by hitting a sensor worn on the opponent's headband. By modifying the headband sensor and narrowing the IR beam it is possible to play a very "realistic" (in EQ terms) Gun Sau game in which only headshots count as killing attacks.