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These are the basic rules of GUN SAU

1 - NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES use real guns for training or train in public with realistic looking replica guns. If you are going to train in public you should only use guns that are OBVIOUSLY toys. THESE ARE THE MOST SERIOUS RULES.

2 - You can only shoot for the head, face and the heart (the KILL ZONE!!) This is because it is more challenging to limit the targets. If you are allowed to shoot anywhaere then you will only have quick boring fights!

3 - You can only shoot when your gun arm is extended. You can bend your elbow during moves but it is against the rules to pull the gun back tight to your body and fire away. It's too easy!

4 - Be careful not to hit each other in the face with the guns. Even though they are only made of plastic they could still chip a tooth or damage an eye.



If you are playing DISARM RULES remember that you need to cut the trigger guard off your gun. This is because a real disarm will trap your finger in the guard and hurt like hell!! Once the guard is gone you will still be able to shoot and disarm but you will not have to qworry about breaking your freind's finger (or getting your own finger broken! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!)

We are experimenting with ways to play Disarm Rules when using LazerTag guns. The problem is that these guns are connected by a wire to the HUD display and sound speaker in the goggles, so if you disarm you may damage the cable. we're working on it! If you use another type of laser gun then you may not have this problem.


If you are playing STRIKING RULES then you can also fake strikes with your unarmed hand, kicks, etc. I would reccommend only playing these rules if you have serious martial arts training.


Because Gun Sau is a new sport we have not yet tried it with paintball or airsoft guns. If you do make sure you are wearing all the right protective gear.